The age of Digital is here and with it comes a new mind set. Here at NOVO we embrace this change as we seek to uplift the standard of audio productions in South Africa.

Through sound we have a medium upon which we craft immersive multimedia experiences. Clever sound design, music and detailed audio recordings add value to your project. We work with agencies, independent producers as well as film and short film directors. Our innovative team give each project the respect it deserves, something we call, “The NOVO Treatment”. The NOVO treatment is the collective result of our team’s new-age mindset, diverse experience and talent. Having developed new techniques, our award winning team operate in a manner that is conducive to a successful production. In an ever changing digital environment we ensure that your production's audio is always at the forefront of industry standards. Experience in location sound recording, sound design and music production ensure that we tailor your audio landscape from conception and source, right through to your audience.